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Lakeside Speedway jump June 28th 15

Torrential down-pouring for at least 5 hours made the staff of the Speedway move the date to Sunday evening June 28th.  After a big rain storm on Thursday night there was no way to make the show happen on Friday night at the Lakeside Speedway.    Lakeside is a 3/8 mile high banked dirt track about 4 miles north of the Kansas Speedway NASCAR track.   Big Ed was there to be the first motorcycle jumper to ever perform at that track and to jump over 10 new Chevrolet trucks from McCarthy Chevy.

After officials called the race a rain out and it was evident the phone calls were going crazy Big Ed came to the rescue.   Friday evening Ed answered the phone telling everyone that called about the event being moved to a rain-date on Sunday and it seemed to go over big with the speedway’s customers.  “Hey I am way more of a personality than an answering machine”, Big Ed laughingly said.

Saturday our crew went to the track and did some suspension work on the 600 Harley.  “Nothing was wrong but we had time to maybe try some different settings.  We wanted to adjust the pre-load on the rear shock and to add some compression dampening to the front forks,” said Beckley.   Nothing else to do on Saturday so Big Ed spent the evening attending a sold out Rolling Stones concert in Arrowhead Stadium  on Saturday night (don’t even try to figure out how he got tickets it will blow you away!).   Sunday the crew woke up to a beautiful sunny day and the track crews were getting the race track ready when we arrived and it looked great.  We needed to do some speed runs but it was apparent they did not want us to ride on the track.

Everything on jump day is usually done with a check list followed with speed runs and placement of the ramps and the cars or whatever we are jumping over.  Not at this event.  We were scheduled to be during the first intermission which was scheduled for around 8pm and that is when we found out we had been moved up on the schedule and Ed had 5 minutes to change into his leathers!

While the ramps were being set up Ed was getting ready and pushing out the 600 Harley he was to jump with.  As he entered the race track the crowd began to shout out “Go Big Ed!”

Here is where it got interesting to say the least!  As Ed rode his big around on the track it was very evident the track was higher on the south end of the straight a way that meant he would be jumping up hill!  With that being the case the landing ramp was higher than the take off ramp was after it was set up because the landing ramp was on the South end.  No time to change it around Ed decided he need about 8 mph faster take off speed to vault over the distance which was nearly 85 feet and it was up hill so it was like jumping 100 feet.  As he started the bike up and started doing a speed runs and then sited the ramp in and that is when it was apparent this was not going to be easy!  There was three vans on the end and one of them had flashing lights on it and another the one closest to the landing ramp had a luggage rack on top and was a foot taller than the landing ramp!

Big Ed the professional shook it off and grabbed a big handful of Harley power and blasted off the ramp and started arching towards the sky and it looked really good then the bike snagged the van to and Big Ed whacked the throttle and drove it off without a problem which was a heck of a jump and then completed without being a tragedy!  After signing autographs till the last person had their signed the crew took out for home here in World famous Bridgeport, Texas the home of the World’s Largest Motorcycle DareDevil!


June 26th Kansas City Jump

74327_480910468618877_479650266_n (1)

We are very excited to announce that Big Ed will be performing at the Lakeside Speedway just outside of Kansas City, Kansas.  The track promotion department was just as excited and confirmed today they have put us on the schedule for Friday night June 26th!

The jump Big Ed will be attempting will be a ramp to ramp jump on his Harley over 10 new Chevrolet trucks!

Big Ed says, “Thank you Jesus for the opportunity to do these jumps and share my faith and witness to these great people who attend events like this.”  Big Ed’s last appearance in Kansas City was back in 1981 at the old Lakeside Speedway which Evel had jumped there a few years before.  “No motorcycle daredevil has attempted a ramp to ramp jump over cars ever at this new Speedway so I am making history and will be doing my best to make a exciting and safe jump!” said Beckley.

Big Ed is originally from Western Kansas but even if his hometown he grew up in is over 300 miles away he has plenty of friends from the Kansas City area and wants to invite all of them out to Lakeside to cheer him on!

Thanks go to his friends that help him prepare like Charlie Shirley – Robbie Brasher –  Frank Hardman Pig Trail Harley-Davidson/Buell – Kenny Hapke Haps Leathers – Travis SmithCurt Winter BTR Moto –  Kenny Tolbert and Scott Scherb!

Lake Side Speedway’s website
Lakeside Speedway face book site

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A BIG ED with sporstster

Here is the hook to grab spectators and some big PR!

Big Ed’s ready to do a Harley Sportster Jump
lengthwise over a 14 x 70 Mobile Home at your event!

Call Big Ed Beckley 940-683-4742 now! 

Waco May 2nd was an awesome show!


Nearly 10,000 people were in the McLane Stadium at Baylor University in Waco, Texs on Saturday night May 2nd! They were so pumped up and loud I could hear them over my Harley!  After the jump we were invited to party with so many people after the show or to join them in their suites in the stadium and well we had a good time to say the least!

Robbie Brasher his wife Tamara and his son Ryan and his son’s side kick Stetson plus Risky Rick and his wife Edie and my buddy Charley Shirley extended my take off ramp from 6 ft to 8.5 feet and changed the angle to 15 degrees to launch me over the semi trucks and wreckers they brought me.

Coming out of the back of the stadium rear parking lot shifting gears and revving up that bike was exhilarating to say the least!  As I was heading to the take off ramp it was rough and the flashbulbs were going off and as the bike went in the air I could hear the crowd screaming!  As it landed I knew I had made it and let her down smoothly and got it stopped before I crashed into the stadium wall!

Thank you Jesus and all the Glory goes to my Lord for keeping me safe!

Special thanks to Tow King of Waco, Haps Leathers and Kenny Tolbert and also the Rock Church of Bridgeport, Texas

New leathers!


Ed in new leathers

Like a fat kid with Cake I am smiling ear to ear!

I am so proud of my new HAPS LEATHERS
made by Mr and Mrs Kenny Hapke from Illinois!

These are some of the most awesome feeling,
fit, good looking costume that I have ever had.

The UPS truck unloaded the box here in my office
and when I opened the box if was as if magic popped out!

These are here in time and fit so I will be able to use them in Waco
when I let that Harley jump bike fly Saturday May 2nd!

Dodge City Landing

Here is a photo I was recently sent – front end high but it was a pretty jump!

Dodge City 15

Waco May 2nd Big Jump for Big Ed

 Saturday May 2nd 2015 hopefully I get to cross one of my bucket list.  

That specific item is a 10 Semi Truck Jump with my Harley which will take place inside of the McLane Stadium on the campus of the Baylor University!

Off the ramp to a new Indoor World's Record over 8 semi trucks April 6th, 2013

Off the ramp to a new Indoor World’s Record over 8 semi trucks April 6th, 2013

Ironically 10 semi trucks is the jump I saw Evel do back in 1971 at the Kansas State Fair and that is what started my career.  Never the opportunity has come around  – till now!!

This will start out a even bigger show than me with 10 monster trucks in competition for the first ever open competition NO LIMITS Monster Truck World Championship!  Also there is a Hot Rod Truck N Tractor Pull as well!

This is big . . . . this is the Big Show!

TicketMaster has tickets phone 1-800-745-3000 to order your tickets for this must see event or get them at the box office at the Stadium or on line

WACO 15 posternew

Race Tracks – Drag Strips – Harley Dealers – Fairs – Biker Celebrations

When you need to raise attendance or get some free publicity and also to thrill and entertain the crowds you have then Big Ed Beckley’s DareDevil Show will be just what the doctor ordered.  

We are going to fire up a spring and summer tour right after our May 2nd ramp to ramp jump in Waco, Texas over 10 Semi Trucks.  

We have some great “Quick Set Up” ramps for jumps at speedways where time is short or at Drag Strips where we have to be out of the way for the racing to resume these work great.  They are the same ramps I just back in the 80’s so everything is safe and tried and true.  

Get with us now for your needs or questions!   Phone 940-683-4742 Monday thru Friday 9am to 5pm Central Time.  Or you can email

Big Ed can fill those grandstands!

Dodge – Casper – Billings

February was a busy month and so was March and here are some stories and photos of each of the jumps we did .  

Dodge City Feb 6-7th
Both nights in Dodge City inside the United Wireless Arena were extremely difficult with no place to start and for sure no place to finish two nights of dangerous jumps.  By the time we set up the take off ramp, 7 full size cars and vans, and the landing ramp Big Ed had 85 feet of take off area to the ramp starting in the concession hall way.  Made both nights of jumps and and on Saturday night a near sold out great crowd of Southwestern Kansas people cheered him on.  We saw many of my old home town friends who came it was a great weekend and thanks to Budweiser and the Bogners for their help.


Casper Feb 14th
Valentines night in Casper with a SOLD OUT crowd was awesome!  We spent lots of time and money to build a very narrow ski ramp down through the seating area and it was a chilling experience as this was a one shot deal no speed runs just rev up the Harley and let her rip!



Billings Feb 21st
Another nearly sold out crowd!  Since the tornado rebuild and added more seats this was the METRA ARENA’s largest crowd ever for a Monster truck show!
My approach to the ramp was from a dead stop in a storage room with slick concrete.  Tried several times to get a rolling start and it just did not work so finally stuck it in 2nd gear and dropped the clutch and opened up the XR 600 Harley and shifted to 3rd gear and came drag racing out of the tunnel and headed up the take off ramp under power.  It worked!


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