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Winter Schedule

Indoor jumps are so intense!
Monroe Jump

The winter Indoor Jump schedule is looking busy:

Jan 15-16th +  Grand Island, Neb
Jan 23-24th + Cookesville, Tn
Jan 29-30th + Salisbury, Md

Feb 5-6th + Memphis, Tn

March 5th + Hot Springs, Ark

  April 9th + Cape Girardeau, Missouri

stay tuned more news later

Passenger Jump Rider Needed

passenger jump

Currently I am seeking an in shape 130 pound or less pretty lady to ride
passenger on my motorcycle while I do a ramp to ramp jump over cars.

I did this many a year with my ex-wife (Linda) on the back and also with stunt-woman Vicki Sims.   I would do it again with Vicki she is my first choice but does not look like she’s going to get away from her teaching and coaching job. I understand completely with Vicki’s work.  The deal is I will need to find someone like her that is physically fit,not afraid, and loves people!

All of my upcoming shows are indoor live performances with monster truck shows first quarter of the year it’s not every week but there’s about five or six times that I’m needing someone to ride on behind me if you’re interested email me at thank you.

Great photo from Siam Photography

This photo was taken Sept 5th at my recent 10 car jump
in Pueblo at the I-25 Speedway.  Thanks Sam!  

big ed promo

Kentucky drama!

We loaded up and headed to Madisonville, Kentucky on Sept 16th and it was 800 miles from my shop to there my jump show was part of the races on Saturday but we had TV interviews to do and get to know the town.  Traveling in the toterhome we were blessed with a safe trip as we saw several wrecks on Interstate and dead deer everywhere – glad one was not in our grill!

The speedway owner is Mark French and he and his wife are some of the nicest people you would ever meet.  His crew at the track were great help and very accomodating.

The race fans in Kentucky had several choices on Saturday night as there were all sorts of track running big specials to draw the crowds of race cars and race fans.  We had a good race show prior to my jump and after also and these drivers in Kentucky lover their dirt track back in in style racing it was great to watch and our favorite were the vintage cars.  These cars were fashioned after the modifieds that ran in the 60’s and they were loud and fast!

When it came time for my jump the track was perfect.  No mud just good hard smooth tacky clay.  The only troubles we had was setting up with the old John Deere tractor with forks on it was moving the landing ramp off my trailer and it failed and slipped and let the landing ramp hit me on the right side of my face with a huge scape and cut from the plywood hitting me right on the temple it almost knocked me out and down.  Wow what a hit – broke the 3/4 inch plywood that hit me.  I could not see for about 3 minutes and was bleeding all over the place!
12038150_10207691992082333_8160072820316254262_n                                                                                                                                                                   What a gash!


I shook it off and the EMT’s cleaned up the wound and I proceeded to help Robbie Brasher set up the ramps with everyone telling me not to jump.  The heck with that I have Jesus on my side and the SHOW must go on!

Setting up the ramp on a banked dirt track always has its challenges and this one was really tough.  Everything looks either perfect or way off and right before I jumped I had the guys move the take off ramp about a foot over and we lined it up and I went back down the track and came at it and could not see my speed so I guessed and almost made the hospital!  The jump was about 6 feet short and I saw it and got up on the pegs and rode it out as it hit the last car!

Everything ended up very much ok and there was a great crowd and were 700 more people than ever before to the track year!  That is success!  

Love Kentucky and hope we can come back!  

Chics love scars . . . . right?  :-) 

Big Ed Beckley


Next jump Sept 19th Kentucky!

After 2 very successful jumps in Colorado I have one weekend off then head to Kentucky for my first time in over 20 years and I am excited!  The track is called Western Kentucky Speedway and it is located close to Madisonville, Kentucky.  What I can remember about this area it is just like a slice of heaven!  Beautiful rolling hills and plenty of trees and rivers to keep everything green,

This speedway is a dirt track with lots of action and I am very proud they have asked me to come and fly my Harley!  Saturday night Sept 19th 7pm race time jump is supposed to happen about midway thru the event!
Western Kent 15 jump


Big Ed Power Point

Here is something we did for you fans!  Thank you so much for all your letters – emails – Twitter Tweets -and face book mentions – and all the support!

Big Ed Beckley Presentation 2015G


3 upcoming jumps!

3 upcoming events!
August 29th  / Sept 5th  / Sept 19th 
Denver jump flyer

Pueblo jump flyer websize

Western Kent 15 jump

Perfect for Harley shops!

Harley-Davidson is in my DNA! 
We are currently seem to be on the radar of many Harley-Davidson dealerships all over the United States and Canada.

They are interested in me and love the fact I am not an ego maniac.  Realizing I can help them no matter how small or big their shop is and see the value of me appearing at their dealership.

Their goal is for me to help make their event special.  They understand that many people can jump a motorcycle and are impressed and understand my experience in the motorcycle  industry goes beyond my performing a motorcycle jump.  After they find out that I have been an event promoter for over 30 years they want to know more.

We love the whole motorcycle experience and have been around it all my life.  Thank God my Grandfather and my Father both rode Harley’s it sure has helped me that is for sure!

To contact me by using our office phone 940-683-4742 and my email is

Passenger Jump is coming back!

Pushing the boundaries-

Truly I have pushed the boundaries in nearly everything I have ever done in life. Now at 65 years old (July 6th) I am still able to do these jumps and in fact I seem to be doing them better than I did a few years back.   Since I began my career back in 1973 have jumped 10 semi trucks with my Harley – Jumped over two helicopters with the blades spinning- jumped over 25 people laying side by side – Jumped over a million dollars worth of Limousines – BUT one of the craziest things I did was jump with a passenger on behind me!

The passenger jump was something no one else had ever done and the first one to do it was an old friend of mine Dennis Sharpe from Dighton, Kansas which is about 25 miles east of my birthplace and old home town of Scott City.   I was performing my first professional jump at a Demo Derby in 1973 at the Dighton fairgrounds and I was to jump 5 cars ramp to ramp on my Yamaha MX 360.  I had been practicing for about 4 months and doing a 5 car jump was easy but they would not let me do any more than that.   So I thought what if I had a passenger and knowing Dennis was just as crazy as I was and he was about the size of a jockey so he was light and small – perfect!  We did the jump that night and then everyone wanted to see that!

I was convinced that other people wanted to see this and talked Floyd Reed from the Death Riders Thrill Show this should be part of his show.  His son Danny Reed came down one winter day and after I hand scooped the street off in Scott City next to my house we hopped on my bike and did the jump with him on the bike.  He and I did that as part of a 21 act Thrill Show until I got hurt bad and had to quit the show.  

For our 7th Wedding Anniversary my wife (at the time) I convinced Linda to jump with me for Canada Dry in 1978.  Linda was a trouper and  jumped with me and we toured many years until we had our son Scotty and decided she better not take a chance on getting hurt.

 I then found a pretty athletic daring young lady by the name of Vicki Sims.  Vicki was just breaking into Hollywood as a stuntwoman and I hired her also to do a free fall into an airbag.  With plenty of courage and the help of my old friend Spanky Spangler we safely taught her how to do falls from nearly 100 foot!  We were thinking of a name and I came up with Falling Angel!  Crowds loved her and her and I were best friends.

Vicki Sims
Vicki Sims
When I stopped jumping and touring back in 1994 we lost track of each other.  Vicki went on to be a very successful action actress which means she could act and do stunts.  Currently she is a Physical Education teacher and she says she is ready to climb on the back of this Harley and fly again.   People have been asking to see this and I know the crowds will come and the media loves it.

Look for the return of the passenger jump and hopefully with my sweet friend Vicki Sims on the behind me as we raise the bar again and follow our dreams! 


My friend and coach Gene Sullivan

gene fire

My friend Gene Sullivan is a 68 year old motorcycle jumper and evangelist,  Gene was Evel’s body guard for a few years.  He and his family including Ceci Sullivan and Daniel Sullivan and their group JUMP FOR JESUS team have a great way to spread Jesus’s word and give people lots of great music filled with messages about our Lord Jesus Christ.

When Gene does his jump it is an attack on the Devil as he leaves the ramp and jumps a long ways to slam into a 2,000 degree flaming, skin melting firewall as Gene crashes the gates of Hell with his high flying motorcycle.

I sincerely hope he can do his program in my and your hometown area sometime soon. I know everyone would like it and we need this type of attack on the Devil in these days filled with stupid attacks on historical flags and then radical Muslims attacking our non armed Marines in Tennessee.

God Bless Jumping for Jesus and keep Gene Sullivan on the road all over the World!

Check out his video and if you are interested in helping him getting a program in your area and want to help you can contact our office 940-683-4742 or get on his website



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