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in flight

The rider BIG ED BECKLEY sits on his Harley jump bike with sweat dripping down his forehead stares down the long ramp out of the grandstand heading towards the ramp and a long line of cars and then the place he wants to land on is a long way to safety.  

With the crowd cheering him on he let’s the clutch out and the Harley starts rolling down to the ramp as he guns the motor to gain speed and then let’s it fly off the  take off ramp – will he make history or BE HISTORY?  Come see Big Ed attempt the Death Jump as he defies Death and puts his safety all on the line!  ” I have Jesus on my side and I will rely on him to get me across to that landing area and stop before I smash into a wall – come and see me risk it all!!,” said BIG Ed Beckley. 

Beckley 64 years old, who has nerves of steel and has crashed hard twice with life threatening injuries in the last two years ( Jan. 5th, 2012 and March 7th, 2014 has been a motorcycle daredevil for many years (40) is on his Farewell Tour.

He will be revving up his Harley-Davidson’s and jumping at these CFP NO LIMITS MONSTER TRUCK events:

2015 BIG ED BECKLEY Up-coming Jump Schedule
Jan 9-10   Monroe, LA
Jan 16-17   Belton, TX
Jan 30-31   College Station /Bryan, TX
Feb 6-7    Dodge City, KS
Feb 14     Casper, WYO
March 21    Billings, MT
May 2nd     Waco, TX (new World’s Record)

One of the Beasts


 Is this bike amazing or what?
2300 c.c. Harley motor in one of my jump bikes from Curt Winter and BTR Moto built this and it is truly is too cool

it needed to be front page!  It proudly sits in my office on display when it is not flying off a take off ramp!
12 inches of suspension on each end – totally custom built chassis – fabricated gas tank – fabricated clutch primary and clutch cover
Has Honda Showa forks and white power rear shock – 63 inch wheel base – weighs 360 lbs!  - no transmission it is direct drive – Scorpion drag racing locker clutch – 127 cub inch motor with 144 hp and over 140 ft pounds of torque it is amazing to put it plainly!  


New Schedule updates

Check out the new jump schedule on the website.  Please click here to see it and get ready to attend these history making events.



Big Ed website schedule 10-4


News from Waco


waco news release with high lights


Snake River Canyon in our Future!

74327_480910468618877_479650266_n (1)

We are excited and happy to announce that we are once again on a schedule to jump with a rocket assisted motorcycle off a ramp over the Snake River Canyon next summer!

Our company Beckley Media LLC. is excited and focused on next year’s event will be on a major network and will be a 2 hour special!  Just what we wanted and needed to make this a reality! 

For the past three years we have been working on and had a deal with FOX TV to broadcast our show this year and possibly next year also.  July 17th they dropped their plans to air this year’s event after we told them there was no way to be able to get our ride ready because they had not came forth with any money.  They told us there was no show without us and they would back away.  

We have kept our faith and know that whatever we do it will be to the Glory of the Lord!

News conference Tuesday Sept 16th

We will attend a press conference tomorrow and actually to be a major announcement about a new event my company Checkered Flag Productions will be doing.   Many state wide TV, newspapers, and Radio stations are to be there because it is big news.

Part of the news will be that I am jumping at this event next May and I will be attempting a New World Record ramp to ramp jump.

More about the event and my jump tomorrow after the cat is out of the bag so to speak!

We have just begun my friends and my Lord will be glorified every-time we do anything!!  

BIG Ed Beckley


We wait with faith.




Abilene still shot

This weekend is going to go by way slow………..We should be in Twin Falls, Idaho with a rocket assisted motorcycle jumping the Canyon on Sunday September 7th instead of here in Texas waiting on some TV execs to get their poop in a group!

My investors and I are out over a million cash dollars and we had promises daily we were going to be jumping this September and the money was going to be awesome but then change happened and it all went away.   I believe it is all up to the Lord and if we are to do it – that is what will happen. If not we gave it our best shot and did not sell out to them – our integrity means more to me than that money or the limelight. 

We will only do this the right way . . . . . off a RAMP with a fire breathing motorcycle engine and a smokey tire burn out getting me up to speed to where the rockets kick n and we go blasting off a ramp and jump the Canyon and land it on the other side like a motorcycle jump with TWO wheels down and ride it to the party!!……..that is what was supposed to be but is not and I will not do anything else. My new engineers tell me they can safely land me on a postage stamp. I am still very excited and we are working on 2015!

Thanks to all that put their faith, hard work, and money into the effort. We have some other jumps coming up but we shall make sure the check is in the bank before we put much faith in a TV deal. 

It is in Jesus’s hands and we have faith. 
God Bless you all!
BIG Ed Beckley

No Snake River Canyon Jump in 2014

For those of you who have not heard we are not doing the Snake River Canyon Jump this year and who knows yet if we ever will do it.

We are still trying to get a media partner for 2015 but we have dumped over a million bucks of our own cash money in this project and will not get it back until we get that big TV deal we thought we had until FOX TV backed out.

We are not a ego maniac that will do something other than a motorcycle jump over that Canyon.  When we were asked if we would put together a simple rocket launch and we said, ” No but Hell No!”  If we do any jump it will be with a motorcycle based vehicle not simply a rocket on a rail.   This was always supposed to be a Jump over the Snake River Canyon not a rocket launch.   

If no TV Network wants to pay us several million dollars to do this the way we have told people we would do it then we shall walk away.  We are not going to sink any more money in that project until we see some huge return on our money.  I was never going to do this “because it needed to be done” I was doing this strictly for the business aspect and there is no reason to take risks for the heck of it.  It is in God’s hands and we shall follow his lead wherever this jumping career takes us. 

Thanks to our friends and fans for trying to help us we keep giving you all the truth and the respect you so deserve.  .

The Cancellation is all over the News!

First off we want to tell our friends and our fans not to be upset with FOX TV.  This is purely a business decision and they have to justify the costs and weigh the profitability.  I get it and understand because I am a business man.  

They (FOX) do not have all those fancy studios because they have made stupid business deals.  They are smart people and I am confident we will work with them in the future as everyone should know we have that land leased for two years – 2015 is just around the corner!  

Here is the write-up about the whole show getting canceled.    click on that link and read the story.  

Not Good News but it must be shared with my friends….

We received the final word on Tuesday evening the executives at FOX TV have backed away from the Snake River Canyon Jump. 

We will not sacrifice safety, our integrity, and our just reward for attempting a real motorcycle jump over the Canyon. 

We are now seeking other media partners and we are undaunted by this development because it is in God’s hands. We have followed his lead from the start and whatever he has in store for us, whatever it may be we are along for the ride.

A special thanks go to those who are closest to this whole deal – my friend, my cheerleader, the one that never gave up thru all this is Cheryl Williamson. Her support has been a lifesaver throughout this whole ordeal. 

Of course there is my friend and attorney Jon Simmons as well as Rod Woodruff and his crew from the Buffalo Chip. These are the ones closest to the whole project and have been with me thru the beginning. There are many others too like Chad Coppess, Gene Sullivan, my  Team Jesus, my office girls, and more and they all are respected and appreciated for always being there for me.  Also to my back up rider and builder Paul Stender and his beautiful wife Thanks for all you have done and tried to do for this project. 

Thanks to you all – for your support and believing in me. . 

I hope you understand there will be no replies to your questions – nor radio or TV interviews about this subject until we know more – we will move forward. 

I am not thru with this jump or others we have been working on. There is much more to do with this restart of my career. 

Remember – I have always been the one that when people said he couldn’t – I showed them I could and I have the LORD on my side – everything is possible with him.

BIG Ed Beckley


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