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10001119_561535960628679_906207519684152702_oEd with back against the canyon on top of th edirt ramp

Oh boy what a wild crash, I am getting better as you can probably see that I have lost weight – got rid of the pneumonia and ribs and other broken parts are healing well and I am allot better.  This week we are in Twin Falls and Jerome, Idaho getting ready for the big Snake River Canyon Jump on Sept 7th.

We have changed our engineer and bike builder to one of the same.  Paul Stender who is also my back up jumper has many  hours of experience in designing and building everything from a 300mph jet bike to rocket cars and his experience of having ridden these machines is very valuable.  This picture was taken yesterday to show everyone how much I have lost and how strong and healthy I am getting. .  Appreciate Karen Davis coming over to the office and snapping some good photos.

More info soon stay tuned!



Second Chapter

a btr sporty 5


The second chapter of this excellent adventure shows the BTR HARLEY Sporster that shook me off of it on Friday night March 7th inside the Hobbs, New Mexico  Lea County Expo Arena.  This Harley Sporster was built by BTR’s genius Curt Winter and he did an excellent build.  

Over 1800cc’s of Harley Rock N Roll power and with this chassis that is so light and balanced it is an amazing ride.  So why did I crash?  Traction or better yet the total loww of traction slowed my take off speed to where it only allowed me to about 45 mph instead of the needed 60 or so to get some air and distance so I went ahead and went for it ……..ooooops!

Wow did that one hurt!  Broke ribs and allot of bruising as well as at least 2 months of taking it easy.  

That taking easy is what is hard for me for sure.  

Taking it easy is going to be the first thing I did but now we are getting ready to test the bikes that we just got ready for testing for the Snake River Canyon Jump Sept. 7th, 2014.  


Big Ed’s Excellent Adventure Part 1

Hello this is Big Ed Beckley and I wanted to update you on what has happened since getting out of the Wise County Rehabilitation Hospital on Thursday March 28th. 

First off I want to rant and rave about the care I got there – it was amazing and I believe I owe my quick bounce back to them completely.   They took so good care of me and also worked my butt off and made me want to work it off – they are amazing.

Thursday March 28th I walked out of there with my walker………..damn I wanted to customize that thing in the worst way!  Anyway we hopped on an airplane that Sunday and flew to Twin Falls and by the time we got to the first stop of Salt Lake City I was so ready to get off that airplane.  And when I got on the little commuter plane from Salt Lake to Twin Falls I had settled down and rode like a champ and it was a ruff ride.

We have now been in Twin Falls / Jerome Idaho area for the last 4 days we have been in meeting after meeting with different people that we will be doing business with during the Canyon jump. We have found  overwhelming support for us to do this jump and so that is what we are doing. 

We have leased some land where the Canyon is wider than what we planned for.  Where Evel jumped it was only about 1500 feet across and where we ended up leasing the ground on the south side it is almost twice the distance as it is 2300 feet across where I will be jumping to clear that distance and of course my engineers say ” more rockets AND more power ”.

 So far we have had eventful meetings and feel we are on the right track.  I still pray every night and every morning that we are doing what needs to be done and who needs us to help them and so far the Lord has steered us to a righteous path that will get me across that Canyon safely and spectacular.

Let the Glory be to God!!

With Love and Respect to my friends and fans,


Bad Crash in New Mexico

Big Ed Beckley had a nasty crash March 7th  in Hobbs!   He is on the mend after his first jump on the Harley Sportster went bad!  Check this out

Indoor Jump THIS Friday & Saturday March 7th-8th

It seems we are on a return tour.

First it was Dallas last year and then recently San Angelo and now we are going to the Hot Bed of the Oil Field in Hobbs, New Mexico.  The last time I jumped there was back in 1980 at the old Stock Car Track which has been gone for over 15 years.  What I remember was the overwhelming hospitality from the New Mexico people and all the press the local Newspaper gave us as well as the radio and Tv stations.

First off I would like to thank Tate Branch Dodge for there sponsorship and support and I will do my best not to put a tire mark on any of those 10 brand new cars and trucks!

This will be the first time I have jumped the Harley Sportster that Curt Winter from BTR MOTO built for me.  To say I am excited is a huge understatement!  New frame, all sorts of cool stuff, and a narrower, lighter bike that will have a transmission and also an on-board electric starter as well as huge brakes – everything I need for a tight indoor jump like Hobbs will be.  There is a stairway that I will be riding down a ramp that will cover the steps  and then coming onto the floor at an angle out of the corner  and grabbing gears heading towards the take off ramp.

Wow what a rush!

Here is a poster for the event – hope you can join me there!!

Nasty 60 foot practice crash Jan 5, 2012

When I decided to get back into jumping I pulled my Rotax 600cc Harley Rotax off my credenza in my office and got it ready to jump in Salt Lake City, Utah.  From the time I started that project it was one bad omen after another but I would not back down from the fight and just kept putting in long hours trying to get that bike ready.  My friend Kenny Tolbert who has been AMA PRO RACING’s WRENCH OF THE YEAR many times took a look at the oil filter before I went out there and it was covered with metal shavings.  Kenny says, ” It is a death trap and this thing will kill you!”.   You know what he was almost right.

Thank my Lord Jesus for letting me live thru this one!   I was in intensive care for 2 days then 2 more in trauma and then told them I was done and was walking out the door – they let me out and I and Jon Heddon took off with me driving all the way because Jon did not have a DL at the time.  I was one hurting man after I got to Denver as the pain pills had went away.  The next day I made it home to Texas and for two days I was not moving out of bed.

Moral is ……when Kenny Tolbert says something listen and do what he says!!

Check out this link to show you the video and you can hear the motor lock up as it was going thru the air ……..whew what a ride! slc crash Jan 5, 2012

New BTR Sporty Jump Bike

We picked up an EVO SPORTSTER Hill Climber back about a year ago.  We knew it needed a face lift from Curt Winter at BTR MOTO who is the one that built my main jump bike that I have been using for the last two years.
When we finally got it to him and he finally got started on it over Christmas vacation it was apparent that there was so much wrong there was no way to put a bandage on the hole in the damn so to speak.  Curt stripped it down and found the frame was junk and weighed nearly 100 lbs!  So he took one of his Big Twin frames he had in stock and started to modify it when he threw that idea out and started from scratch to build a complete new bike.

Here are a few photos of his progress:
a btr sporty front start a btr sporty apart a btr sporty work of art  a btr sporty 4 a btr sporty right side a btr sporty 4 a btr sporty 5 a btr sporty ready to powdera btr sporty front starta btr sporty aparta btr sporty 4a btr sporty work of arta btr sporty 5a btr sporty ready to powder

Listen to what they say!


News Radio 1310 KLIX

Kelly and Jill did an awesome job on the radio as they always do.   Check out this link and listen to it all. 


What really happened in Twin Falls?

Wow what a week!   We were in full belief we had full filled all the City of Twin Falls needs and wants and were in full compliance with the contract they provided and then at the latest Twin Falls City Council meeting something weird happened and they were saying no jump should be done at all.

If you want to know what happened in Twin Falls read this. 


Check out the TV story here on BIG ED BECKLEY’s jump in San Angelo, Tx January 25th, 2014.  

Click here for the story. 

Here is another news story with video of the rest of the event as well as a photo of Big Ed on the landing ramp.
Clck here for this story

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