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Cape G Curse

Cape G jump
The “curse” of Cape Girardeau, Missouri struck in the 2 o’clock afternoon show.  I was nursing a leg injury and did not go out and check my set up until it was too late.  Remember there is never a too late when you are setting up a jump…..I blew it!  When I saw the take off ramp was set up over half way down the floor and saw no room to stop I did the old “awe it will be ok”….. oops that never works and is a curse.  We had only about 75 feet to stop and was headed into a door way which was only about 4 foot wide.

On the slick concrete floor we had put coke syrup to help the quads race and the monster trucks to hook up and it worked but the area where I was needing to stop never got treated and was slick as it could be!  I noticed it was a little slick and on a speed run with “TIGG” on behind me I told her to hold on this could get very interesting.  Then I decided to take another step and that was to jump in 2nd gear where the engine would be screaming and might help shut the speed down.   Got to the speed to make a safe jump and it was shutting down quick until I hit the part of the floor that was not treated and SPLAT down we went only I slammed into a door and it’s support with my shoulder and arm and wrist.
right arm on Monday 1045pm

We both ended up on the concrete inside the lobby area and we  were both basically ok.  I finally got my breath back and was checked by the EMT’s where they finally released me.  TIGG got a cut on her knee from the door but she was ok other than that.

We both decided to cancel the evening jump and not try to break the curse – Cape G has my respect I join two other jumpers (fmx guys) that crashed in that building also.

Thank you Jesus for making sure our injuries were small and we can recover!

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