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They say I am crazy as it is no secret that when I stopped jumping I was 54 years old and now I am 65 rockn’ years young!   Returning to jumping after all these years I seem to be more focused, not with reckless abandon but doing all the things I know to do and what needs to be done.

There is one reason why I am back, and I believe my Lord Jesus Christ has put me back on the motorcycle to spread his word and to entertain and give people a reason to smile and cheer on an all American 65 year old man!

Curt Winter the builder of my current jump bikes with Harley V Twin engines and then he constructs a one of a kind machine.
A BIG ED with sporstster

One thing for sure back at the beginning of the summer of 2012 I decided to pursue the Snake River Canyon Jump which was attempted by Evel Knievel on Sept 8th, 1974.   Knievel was my idol and I had followed his jumps for many years.  Evel’s canyon jump was shown on pay for view screens at arena’s all over the U.S. and Canada.  I was living in Odessa, Texas I was in the crowd inside the Ector County Coliseum for the pay for view performance.  It was a grandeur event with celebrities being interviewed and the films of his jumps and crashes filled the screen.

When Evel pulled the trigger on that rocket he was pointed nearly straight up on a metal launch pad.    With the tremendous G forces which came with 0-200mph in less than 300 feet Evel blacked out as he stated in an interview.   When he blacked out something happened and the parachute was loose on his 3 wheeled rocket.  As the X2 rocket struggled to fly with the chute dragging – it finally ran out of fuel.  Evel was almost to the other side of the Canyon!  The wind blew him back into the starting spot against the canyon wall head first.  As Evel was waking up he was fighting trying to get out of this thing that was almost his coffin.  Finally it stopped just short of the raging waters of the Snake River.

That Evel did not die in that thing was truly amazing, the raw courage it took to even crawl into it was amazing, but so was Evel.

The Canyon jump was never supposed to be this way.

Evel was for years talking about jumping a Triumph motorcycle that was assisted by two rockets as he would clear a huge dirt take off ramp.   He was now in a rocket that he could do hardly anything other than hang on and where it ended up (which was at the bottom of the Canyon) was not supposed to go like that.  The huge dirt pile is still there with cracked and weathered asphalt up the ramp side of it.

The City of Twin Falls has possession of the area that Knievel used.  They will not let anyone use it and even after we jumped through all their red tape they denied us the rental of the grounds.    Never mind that I told them I am the ONE that can get this DONE!  The City government of Twin Falls really did a huge dis-service to us and we did everything we were asked and so far we have over a million dollars wrapped up in an event they stood in the way of no matter what we did.

Currently in 2015 I have jumped nearly every weekend in January and February and also in March.  Recently I jumped over a bunch (10) semi trucks and wreckers at the McLane Stadium the new football field for the Baylor University.  That bettered my record and set a new World’s Record for a Stadium jump over Semi Trucks!

We might just be traveling on our Tour to your home area come see us if you get the chance!

Strap on your helmet and come with me it is going to be a WILD RIDE!

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